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Simpli Insurance was established in 2015 by R. Jason Sparks. Our business is committed to customer care, providing our customers with quality service, and ensuring that you develop long-term relationships by keeping you satisfied  with not only the products we sell but the way we sell them and the continued service we provide you all.


Simpli Insurance values faith, family and community. We are a Christian business. We want to make a difference in the communities we insure by acts of service, generosity, and showing people that we care about them as individuals. We will be guided by a higher standard based on the scripture that says- "let your light so shine, that they may see your good works and glorify your Heavenly Father".

Our goal is to provide quality service that will keep you happy for many years to come. Our highest achievement is when we earn the trust of you, your children and grandchildren.             


Simpli Insurance donates a portion of each policy sold to mission work in Central America.

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